Thursday, 14 October 2010

Microsoft's Bing deepens ties with Facebook

Good example of how Microsoft creates synergies between one of its SBUs (search engine) and (which they do not own 100% but they are one of the main shareholders). This actually workds as a good example of how strategic alliances work, too. Interesting to note, that Microsoft has spent almost a decade trying to catch up Google and it seems that are not capable of developing the reource/capability in terms of technology and they are definetely lacking in terms of reputation; however creating synergies with the most popular networking site could help them boost Bing's popularity and usage.

Microsoft's Bing deepens ties with Facebook

Microsoft's Bing search engine has begun showing US users which sites and products their Facebook friends like.
The move is an attempt to make web search results more personal.
It is part of a four-year alliance between the two companies and marks another step in Microsoft's attempt to displace market leader Google.

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