Friday, 6 November 2009

Interesting to note how one strategic option defines the long term strategic direction of Renault.

Renault's electric-car gamble

Mr Ghosn bets the company
Oct 15th 2009From The Economist print edition

The French carmaker aims to be the first big producer of zero-emission vehicles
OVER the past few weeks Renault has been giving politicians, journalists and big commercial customers across Europe the chance to drive a slightly odd-looking battery-powered vehicle based on its Kangoo, a small van. Like most of the latest electric-vehicle prototypes, the Kangoo Be Bop ZE, as it is called, drives briskly and quietly. Unlike most of them, it is a thoroughly practical proposition. It provides plenty of space for five people and their luggage, has a range of about 160 kilometres (100 miles)—and, crucially, when it goes on sale in less than two years’ time, it will not cost a fortune.

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