Friday, 7 November 2008

Barclays' Mideast backlash

Here is an example of how a strategic option can be found not acceptable. This option seems to be feasible and suitable, but the board of directors will have to consider its acceptability before selecting it.

Barclays' Mideast backlash

By Peter Thal Larsen and Kate Burgess Published: November 1 2008 02:00

Barclays was last night facing an investor backlash as shareholders balked at its plans to raise about £7bn in a deal that could leave almost a third of the British bank in the hands of two Middle Eastern investors.
Shares in Barclays fell 13 per cent to 178.9p even as the bank defied sceptics by succeeding in tapping private investors for the funds it needs as part of the recapitalisation of banks.

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