Monday, 28 February 2011

Product placement ban on British TV lifted

Interesting to follow the evolution of this Legal factor. Firstly, there was Economical pressures both at macro and micro level and then there is the Political as there was a clear indication in 2009 that a change in the Political Environment (government change) would change the Legal factors (see the FT article from 2009

Product placement ban on British TV lifted
A ban on product placement has been lifted, allowing advertisers to pay for their goods to be seen on British TV.
Paid-for references to products and services are now permitted for the first time in shows produced in the UK, including soaps and one-off dramas.

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Strategic Management said...

Interesting ban. And I would rather watch real shows than those that are loaded with ads.

Business Acumen said...

The US tv shows should have this ban too. FOX and CW shows have a lot of product placements.

What is strategic thinking said...

I agree. Product placements in Fringe annoy me a lot!